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Cooking Paleo and Non-Paleo in One Meal

DSC02472Here is an example of how my nights looks here in BRK when cooking Paleo for Himself and me, and Non-Paleo for the rest of the team. It can be a pain at times, and … read more

Super Fast: Seared Sea Scallops over Julienned Zucchini

DSC02300 Sea Scallops are a great go-to on a busy week night when all you really want to do is sit down and stare at a wall, or punch someone in the throat. This meal comes … read more

Taking a Mulligan on Kitchen Organization

DSC02239 I like second chances, and back in the day before babies, when the hubs and I played golf together I took many mulligans- a second chance to get the shot right. I wish life had more … read more

Kebab Koobideh

DSC02096-001We are just at the beginning of barbecue season, and in fact had out first Cook Out Sunday night. Only burgers, but man it was awesome to be out there without having to wear fifty … read more

Cooking Salon: Flourless Chocolate Cake for 2

cooking salon: How to make flourless chocolate cake for 2 volume: 1 issue: 1.2

DSC02265-12Part 1: One Small Change for a Well Life- Try it I have been enjoying Mireille Guiliano’s book “French Women Don’t Get … read more

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