Monthly Archives: May 2013

Brew a Better Day: Wherein I turn my routine into a ritual


It certainly is a great day when I wake, swing my feet over the side of the bed to warm comfy slippers, and grab for my robe. No matter how tired I am or how … read more

National Car Rental: Eat Like a Pro- video

annapolis 016You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life. Many hours of studying, many hours of training, many hours or learning, worrying, wondering, but here you are, a successful business person. So why not … read more

Triple Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: Gluten-free and Baked, BOOM!

DSC02865Big title, but it says it all. With Mother’s Day in 2 days, I wanted a recipe that was very dainty and pretty, easy to make for the cook (which most likely is a Mom … read more

Frozen Mixers you Make: Strawberry Daiquiri

DSC02821 Bartender, another round for my friends! Here come the strawberries. The one grand thing about springtime, which makes up for all the rain, is strawberries in all their sweet and juicy glory.  Have you ever … read more

Frozen Mixers you make: Piña Colada


Here we go! Let’s get ready for Summer entertaining by filling our freezer with a bunch of Frozen Mixers ready to blend up and get your party started. It’s easier than you think, and so … read more

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