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Breakfast Quiche Kebabs

DSC03220-001 It’s Friday Eve as I type this and I must say that I am plum-tuckered-out. Our last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, all good and very exciting things are happening for our … read more

How to Host a Girl’s Night Out: Presenting Smirnoff Sorbet Light

DSC03088What do you get when you take 9 beautiful women, 3 delicious cocktails, a colorful healthy meal, and a scandalous dessert? Girl’s Night Out! Last Friday I hosted a GNO for my CrossFit Ladies, we … read more

New S’mores in town: Lemon Meringue and more- Oh my!

DSC03125If there is nothing else you do this summer, then make these S’mores. To. Die. For. Period. My SIL Tonya, had a magazine clipping about making Lemon Meringue S’mores by using a schmear of Lemon … read more

How to entertain on bits of this and that: Italian Rice Cakes

DSC03166 Or how to pull a meal out of your hat. Or how to make something from nothing. So you get the idea here that I somehow pulled off a little breakfast for friends on literally … read more

How to Cook a Healthy Marriage: Culinary Proverbs to live by

photo On May 29th Himself and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary!  We enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal with our children, Champagne and all.  We fell in love in our 20s and built our love around … read more

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