How to Host a Girl’s Night Out: Presenting Smirnoff Sorbet Light

DSC03088What do you get when you take 9 beautiful women, 3 delicious cocktails, a colorful healthy meal, and a scandalous dessert? Girl’s Night Out! Last Friday I hosted a GNO for my CrossFit Ladies, we had not had a GNO in months, so it was definitely time.  We got perfect weather so I was able to move that party outside to enjoy the cool breeze and the beginnings of the Super Moon.  The key to a Girl’s Night Out is that you the hostess needs to be relaxed to enjoy your own party.  Plan a simple menu, do as much as possible ahead of time, and design the night so that it can practically flow with little work from you.

Here are some tips to have a chic Girl’s Night Out… 

DSC03068Being that our evening was sponsored by Smirnoff Sorbet Light Vodka*, I placed much effort in making sure our cocktails sparkled and shined, from colorful umbrellas to shining stemware.  We ladies love our bling!  I had not yet tried the Sorbet Lights, so this was a first for me. Well I must say that me and the Girls loved the Sorbets and all agreed that our favorite for the night was the Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet. These vodkas are not flavored but infused with natural flavors, and let me assure you, I was not going to try these if they contained artificial sweeteners, and by golly they DON’T. Yay! I also enjoyed the cool and smooth feel in my mouth as I drank these- just like sorbet! And with fewer calories than regular cocktails, these CrossFit ladies were thrilled.

1. When serving cocktails, “batch” the body of the cocktail in a pretty carafe to be mixed fresh with the vodka at your party.  For instance, the Smirnoff Sorbet Lemon Mojito called for Smirnoff Lemon Sorbet Light, simple syrup, lemon juice, mint leaves, and soda. I simplified the process by providing a carafe of Trader Joe’s Organic Lemonade with chopped mint leaves from my garden. At the party, each cocktail could be made fresh by mixing 1 part lemonade mix, 1 part Lemon Sorbet Vodka, and 1 part soda. I’ll share the recipes at the end of this post.

DSC030732. I know each variety of glass has a matching drink, but I do not own every type of glass. I used what I had, dressed them up with cute little cocktail umbrellas and called it a day. Never fuss, always use what you have.

DSC030843.  I made recipe cards for each drink so that each lady knew exactly what she needed to shake up her cocktail.

DSC03062-0014.  Have a cocktail shaker handy. As you guessed, mine would be a Mason Jar, a gift given to me by my friend Judy.  See the little cordial stemmed glass behind it, that was our shot glass for measuring out our cocktails. Remember, use what you have and I did not have a proper bar shot. Also, don’t forget the ice for shaking those cocktails, a must for a perfectly chilled drink.

DSC030965.  I went with a Taco Salad style dinner, this way the Paleo eaters could get their meat and veg, while offering rice (gluten-free) for those who enjoy a bit of carbs, and if there was a vegetarian in my group, which there was not, I would have added beans for them.  So chose a meal that feeds every dietary need, and everyone is full!  I think Taco Salad is a great meal for this purpose.  I offered Shredded Chicken, Cilantro Lime Rice, Mixed Greens, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Fresh Spinach, and a Vinaigrette Dressing.

DSC031106.  Me and my white table cloths! Love the clean and simple look. Also when eating outside, remember to burn citronella candles and supply your guests with bug spray.  It was the perfect evening, and if you look far in the picture you can see that Himself built us a fire to cozy up to and make our Scandalous Dessert.

DSC031147. Colorful paper plates are a must for adding a splash of color, and ease with clean up. I keep a healthy stash of plates and cocktail napkins at the ready for instant entertaining. My two favorite colors to have on hand are pink and red. Pink is great for Ladies and Little Ladies while red is good for every holiday around the calendar year and for the Gents.  Keep it simple.

DSC031358. What would the first party of the summer be without S’mores?  This is where I caused my sisters to sin. Jeepers, after serving up Light Cocktails and a Healthy Meal, I then throw my friends over the cliff with these Scandalous S’mores. A S’more Spread Bar actually- Lemon Curd, Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond spread (I prefer Nutella but was out), and Cookie Butter, plenty of marshmallows and graham crackers.  These were the best S’mores I have ever had and along with the Lemon Sorbet Mojito and the Lemon Meringue S’more, I was in lemon heaven.

The Evening’s Cocktails…
Lemon Sorbet Mojito-
1 part Minty Lemonade- I used Trader Joe’s Organic Lemonade adding about 10 chopped mint leaves
1 part Smirnoff Lemon Sorbet
1 part club soda
Shake with ice in a shaker and serve.

Mango Passion Sorbet Tea
3 parts Lime Iced Tea- I used Trader Joe’s Iced tea and added fresh lime juice to taste
1 part Smirnoff Mango Passion Sorbet
Shake with ice and serve.

Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet Cosmo
2 parts Cranberry Lime juice- I used Trader Joe’s Cranberry Cocktail juice mixed with fresh lime juice to taste
1 part Smirnoff Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet
juice from a wedge of lime
Shake with ice and serve. Garnish with a twist of lime.

*The refreshing lightness of the sorbet-inspired variants and SMIRNOFF Vodka combine to make deliciously light cocktails, with each vodka specialty containing only 78 calories per 1.5 oz. serving.
This post was sponsor by Smirnoff, all entertaining ideas, photos, opinions, and friends are my own.  Thanks Smirnoff! Cheers.

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    Looks like a fine way to spend an evening with friends.

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