New S’mores in town: Lemon Meringue and more- Oh my!

DSC03125If there is nothing else you do this summer, then make these S’mores. To. Die. For. Period. My SIL Tonya, had a magazine clipping about making Lemon Meringue S’mores by using a schmear of Lemon Curd on your graham cracker then topping it with a perfectly roasted marshmallow and another cracker. Cool, I’ll give it a go at my Girl’s Night Out I was hosting. Sadly, my Sissy-pooh threw away the clipping so we can’t even remember where the idea came from- anyone see it? Southern Living, Good House Keeping? Hmmm. Anyway, I took the idea a bit further by offering a line up of Trader Joe’s Spreads like their Lemon Curd, Cookie Butter, and Cocoa Almond Spread (I prefer Nutella but Trader Joe’s did not have it).

You may never go back to chocolate bars again. Ever.  The Girl’s loved this new S’mores Bar, even turning the strictest of Paleo eaters into sampling maniacs!  It’s all good.  Have plenty of marshmallows, graham crackers, and a variety of spreads, you may want to consider peanut butter and a plain fudge spread too.  Maybe a schmear of raspberry jam with Nutella too?

Delicious Happens…


Just look at that warm and lemony, lemon curd dripping.  Heaven.

What is your favorite S’more?

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