Packing Meals to Save: Quesadillas and 10 Second S’mores

RU Packing Eat?

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We have been enjoying the Summer Movie Series sponsored by Blue Talon Bistro on Prince George St. in Williamsburg. This past Sunday we celebrated Christmas in July with Santa and the showing of Home Alone, which never gets old.  But here’s the rub. When out with kids for any length of time, they get hungry, and that can get expensive filling their hollow legs. All. Day. Long.  So while they longingly looked at all the ice cream sundae’s coming out of Baskin-Robbins, and huge wedges of chocolate cake coming from Aroma’s, I came to their rescue with a little something from home. They got something homemade and as organic as I can find, and I saved some moolah.

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Here are two of my Hunger Games participants. That’s what I call it in my house because food fights ensue all the time- and it’s not the throwing kind. It’s the “there’s one item left of some food and two kids want it” kind of hunger games.  It’s a wonder no one has been stabbed.  And they look so innocent.

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So precious even. Blue Talon Bistro even made it snow! Cool.

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Remember my Girl’s Night Out from a few weeks ago? Well, I made a big huge batch of braised chicken for the tacos and was able to freeze 4 one quart Mason Jars of the leftovers. Two of those jars made it to Manderley Cottage with me for a big Family Fajita Night (the Paleos ate theirs on lettuce leaves), and with about 1 1/2 cups left even from that, I was able to make some chicken quesadillas.  Once cooked, I cut them in wedges, placed them on a paper plate, topped them with a paper towel to absorb the steam, then wrapped it well in heavy duty foil. I placed some sour cream in a small plastic punch cup with a spoon and covered that with plastic wrap.  My leftovers got used, and I saved some money by not eating out.  Team BRK wins!

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Now for those S’mores.   These took about 10 seconds to make. I cheated. While I cooked the quesadillas, I quickly placed graham cracker halves on a plate, topped each with 3 squares of Hershey’s Chocolate, then a marshmallow and popped them in the microwave. At about 10 seconds, the marshmallows puffed up, I turned off the microwave, and topped the S’mores with the other half of the crackers. Wrapped these in foil and off we went to the show.  The kids were thrilled to get a sweetie after seeing what all the other kids got, and I figured handing them a healthy apple wouldn’t go over to well on a movie night.  In fact other folks were staring at BRK’s** drippy, ooey, gooey, S’mores.

Use what you have. No fancy packing material required.
Leftovers work great for whipping up something quickly.
No reason to get fancy.
Give every one a paper plate and napkin then go for it.
Bring filtered water from home as it is healthier and saves a big portion of our food budget.
Think quick and easy, like the S’mores. It’s the little things that make fun times and great memories.
Instead of putting money into eating out, try instead to purchase the best ingredients you can afford such as all natural, and organic foods.
After packing many times, you will have saved enough money to then go out to eat. I think we are going to check out the Blue Talon Bistro soon. A little trivia, our master bedroom at Manderley is painted in the same color scheme as the Talon’s dining room. More on that later though.

Remember, treats done too often become traps both physically and financially. 

What do you pack to save money on fun nights out like this?

**Hmmm, but wait a minute here, when at Manderley we really aren’t Team BRK are we? You’ll have to see what we are calling Manderley Cottage’s Kitchen, won’t you? Tomorrow then.


  1. sharon
    Posted July 9, 2013 at 4:52 PM | Permalink

    Regarding kids and treats…”Less is more!” The less often you offer treats, the more they are appreciated. Even if they’re healthy treats. I’ve found that when we’ve fallen into the habit of offering some type of treat every evening after dinner like we tend to do during the summer or school breaks, it becomes more of an expectation. And, when that expectation is not met, well… it ain’t pretty. The treat is no longer a “treat”. It’s not savored, but quickly devoured. We have started to offer treats only on the weekends, or if there is some special event (graduation, party, etc…) during the week. Treats or no treats, we feel our kids have it pretty good with what they’re served. :o) ~Sharon

    • Robin Sue
      Posted July 9, 2013 at 8:14 PM | Permalink

      They do become complacent and entitled don’t they. Well I do too if I treat myself too much too:) It all comes too easily now a days and we have to slow it down so they learn to appreciate the simpler times.

    • sharon
      Posted July 10, 2013 at 10:14 AM | Permalink

      We’re kindred spirits, I tell ya. I totally agree about savoring simplicity.

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