Silver Linings Playbook: Crabby Snacks and Homemades

crabbiesOnce I figured out what they were talking about I knew exactly what Crabby Snacks and Homemades were. The other night my friend Judy hosted a Girl’s Night In Movie Night where we watched Silver Linings Playbook which included several mentions of “Crabby Snacks and Homemades.” Judy and I both lived in South Jersey at different times, but three streets away from each other, so that makes us spray-for-height-wit-witout-cheese-steak-eating-Jersey-Girl-Sisters, iight? That’s Philly slang for all right.  Neither of us knew what Crabby Snacks were until I looked the recipes up online and a light went on! I grew up eating these things as they made their way frequently on Ma’s party tables, but we called them Crabbies.


I had to dig deep down in the darkness of my recipe box to find that old recipe. Ma and I made these by the double and triple recipe fulls for parties once I was old enough to help. Ma even kept them in the freezer for spur of the moment entertaining.  Have you ever had Crabbies?  Or what did you call them?


“Homemades” was another thing that the mother in the film mentioned that I had to look up. It refers to homemade pasta along with the platter of Italian meats like bracciol, meatballs, and Italian Sausage, the great pride of an Italian woman’s Sunday Table, along with the Gravy of course.  The contrast of Crabby Snacks and Homemades is so ironic as the woman labored all morning to make Homemades from scratch while her little appetizer is completely processed. Goes along with the craziness of the movie I guess.  Great flick, we all enjoyed some of the laugh out loud scenes, but we found it very touching too as mental disorders are no laughing matter.


Silver Lining Playbook Menu…

Two of my favorite Crab Appetizers which were also a big hit in South Jersey (crabs are a thing at the Jersey Shore, the eating kind, not the other)
Crab Rangoon– baked and beautiful
Crab Pizza– this is nothing like a pizza pie, take a look, it’s delicious!
Crabbies- click on the photo above to see recipe, but don’t make it, it’s processed

Now for the Homemades…
Ma’s Bracciol
My Meatballs
Meatball Bracciol
Homemade Pasta
Marinara Sauce
Bolognese Sauce

For Dessert…
Bradley Cooper Dipped in Chocolate with Toffee Sprinkles

Thanks Judy!

What are some movies on your Summer List? I need some good Kid Flicks too!


  1. Posted July 12, 2013 at 12:56 PM | Permalink

    While all of that looks so good right now (especially since I haven’t eaten lunch yet), I think I’d have to skip right to dessert. 😉

    • Robin Sue
      Posted July 12, 2013 at 1:03 PM | Permalink

      Now you’re talking!! 🙂

  2. Posted July 16, 2013 at 7:29 AM | Permalink

    Those are all yummy! I will grab your recipe and will try to make them. Thanks.

  3. Coconut
    Posted August 31, 2013 at 1:22 AM | Permalink

    I guess this is a onetime dessert, unless you know more than one Bradley Cooper? 😉 😀

    “For Dessert…
    Bradley Cooper Dipped in Chocolate with Toffee Sprinkles”

    Even though I’ve been a vegetarian for decades, the recipes sound delicious.

    Love that photo of the pasta on hangers. Clever idea, too.

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