Monthly Archives: August 2013

One Minute Mayonnaise: Video

mayo 023-001This has got to be the fastest and easiest way to make homemade mayonnaise. For the most part of the summer I have been making my own mayonnaise to get healthy oils into my family … read more

Wherein I start Paddling

securedownload-001 Last summer the head coach, Matt,  at our CrossFit encouraged me to take his SUP Intro Class. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. Now growing up at the Jersey Shore (stop laughing) we played on … read more

Is anyone interested? How to do Small Batch Cooking

RU Packing Eat?

DSC03417-001 I have been cooking in this fashion for a long time now and had wondered if anyone was interested in learning how to do small batch cooking and what to do with the … read more

I give you… Basket Cam

securedownload-002 My friend Rob of Countryside Food Rides has to be about the coolest guy out there. Why? Has has all the toys a man could want from at least a hundred bikes, a Jeepread more

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