Monthly Archives: October 2013

breakfast bowls: paleo and non

DSC03912 Most weekends I work on a little cooking project in order to have a few meals pre-made for the upcoming week. I see those Breakfast Bowl commercials all the time and tried my hand at  … read more

Manderley Cottage Kitchen’s German Pork Barbecue

DSC03853 Guess what time of year it is? Oktoberfest! Officially, Oktoberfest takes place at the end of September, but last year when I was in Berlin, it lasted all through October. Other cities are catching on … read more

Dreams and Wishes

IMG_3897 The other day my long time friend and hairstylist- gosh, we have been together 11 years(!)- was telling me about her little girl asking her the difference between wishes and dreams. Jennifer very wisely answered … read more

Manderley Cottage Kitchen’s Apple Palmer

DSC03859 Wow was it hot last weekend at Manderley! After a perspiring bike ride through Cdub (Colonial Williamsburg), with its changing leaves and a funky autumn-time tilt to the sun which usually beckons for hot cider … read more

At Manderley Cottage…

IMG_3595Where she enchants us with her little lights in the windowpanes that  awaken each evening to bathe us in a soft glow while we play games or a hand of cards, read, and sometimes quietly … read more

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