make one good tiny habit at a time

photo-19Habits. We all have them, some good some bad. From nail-biting to nose picking, and positive thinking to healthy eating (food that is, not boogies). There are so many tricks and treats to making good habits last and bad habits die that many have made their fortunes in studying and writing about habits. How about Nike’s “Just do it!” Not so simple for some of us, huh?

Back in my Pulmonary Rehab days, I was part of a program in coaching smokers to quit their dirty, and life robbing little habit. One tool we used was a fake ciggie, because we knew that holding a cigarette was the biggest part of the habit, so that if ex-smoker wannabes felt the urge to inhale, they could on one of these plastic lung darts with all the benefits of BPA’s over nicotine. Funny story though. One of our rehab patients who was on the lung transplant list up at Duke, with one of the pinkie swears of being on that list is that you can absolutely under no circumstances smoke, was spotted smoking away at a red light while his head bobbed to Travis Tritt’s “Here’s a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares.” Our program director, the one who spied him that day, and being someone who cared, called me into the office to let me know that she was calling Duke and informing them to pull our bad boy off the list because she saw him smoking in the car. “But did you actually see smoke?” I asked her. Her wide-eyed stare told me she had been duped by his plastic dummy, and she mouthed “no” while hanging the phone up on some poor chap on the other end yelling, “hello, hello, Transplants R Us.”

Out of all the habits I could make or break, I chose to make a new one this winter, and that is to drink more water. It started back in December when the outside temps began to really drop which had a direct and adverse effect on the amount of coffee I was consuming. I was a bladder burning, dehydrated, sallow skinned chica. So I decided that every time I had to tinkle, I would follow the experience with drinking some water. Hey if the gas tank is empty, we refill it right? The only bad side effect to this new habit was peeing- all the time. The good? Brighter skin, more energy, better GI function (a dainty was of saying “regular”), and less “foggy” brain. Then Himself, my husband, Laird or our Wee Clan showed me this TED Talk on changing habits. It’s fantastic, give it a look and decide what tiny habit you will change…

Here are some examples of habits you can make…
1. Move your body more today than you did yesterday.
2. Eat one more fruit or vegetable today than you did yesterday.
3. Eat one less grain serving today than you did yesterday.
4. Sleep 30 minutes more today than yesterday.
5. Relax by turning everything off and being instead of doing, even if it’s only 5 minutes today.
6. If you are a smoker, I implore you to STOP. It is the one huge  habit you can break that will change your life, and most definitely save it.

More info on water intake, everyone has an opinion…
1. Mark’s Daily Apple- Drink Less Water?
2. Robb Wolf- Water, Water Everywhere
3. Chris Kesser- Hydration 101
4. Primal Docs- BPA Free is Toxic! This is eye opening about how BPA was replaced by BPS which reacts in our body that same way as does BPA. Yikes! This is why we like Klean Kanteens here in BRK, but I see the lids are BPA free which means what? Sigh. But hey, now they are sold with stainless steel lids! Then there’s always the Mason Jar. Wink.

What habit are you working on this year? Making it or breaking it?


*I do not represent Klean Kanteen, but the link to my amazon store pays me a little if you buy, and I only link things I love. Thanks!


  1. Posted March 6, 2014 at 8:36 PM | Permalink

    Before I saw this post today, I went out and bought a few glass ‘lunch’ boxes to prepack some protein boxes for each day of the week. That’s my new habit, largely inspired by your mason jar meals. Love this post, thanks!

  2. Coconut
    Posted March 6, 2014 at 10:37 PM | Permalink


    Good advice on making good habits, losing the bad ones.

    Good for you for taking action. 😀

    Thanks for all the info here.

    Wow. That is so disappointing about BPA-free items, in the Primal Docs article.

    Several years ago, I went through the entire house, and replaced all necessary items with (what I thought were) BPA-free ones.

    Metal bottles/containers can contain BPA, via a lining, for one.

    I’ll try to come back with a link about this, for more info.

    It’s everywhere. 🙁

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