Monthly Archives: June 2014

wherein I define my treasures

photo-57 My friend Elizabeth has followed our Life Planning journey for about 4 years now and has been an active participant in our decision to downsize, and an enormous cheerleader. She is also playing the curious … read more

not all sunshine and roses

photo-58 Can I be downright raw here? Because right now I don’t feel like dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s. Who the heck has time for that? I mean look at that pantry! A few … read more

my new summer cocktail: the hugo

photo-56I do love a nice bubbly cocktail. I was chatting with my best friend Maggie last week, she lives in Berlin, about my love for Aperol Spritz when she told me there’s a new drink in … read more

snack time: baked potato bites


My Team is beyond hungry when I pick them up from school everyday.  A few times last week, I packed food to have for them the second they got in the car which diverted their … read more

budget healthy: ground beef fajita bowls

photo-49 I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the money crunch at the grocery store. We eat a good share of ground beef around here since it can be flavored and used hundreds of ways, … read more

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