2 ingredient pumpkin bisque, plus 3 adaptations


I have had the travel bug lately but am dismayed by the cost of airfare, leading me to wonder if I will ever cross the Pond again. So I sit contented at Manderley, traveling through the ever-changing seasons that Williamsburg so brilliantly executes. What a display! This tree by the Courthouse, on Duke of Gloucester Street, performs this miracle each year to everyones delight. It is one of our most watched attractions by tourists and locals alike. Her Royal Highness will be robed in crimson and copper by the end of October if you desire to witness her pageantry.  Traveling through time and season is spectacular here in Virginia.


2 Ingredient Pumpkin Bisque…
This is my way of traversing the world through my kitchen by adapting this easy bisque for various cuisines.  There is a time and place for long ingredient lists and slow food. Then there are times for simplicity. This is one of those times. I first served this soup to a group of my girlfriends after a late night retreat. I had adapted it that time with the addition of 2 teaspoons curry powder and adorned it simply with a lime wedge and garlic toasts. Look below for 3 more versions.

2 ingredient pumpkin bisque
Recipe type: Soup, Bisque
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4-6
2 simple prepared ingredients from your local grocer create a comforting and rich bisque that can be adapted for any mood.
  • One can full-fat coconut milk
  • one carton 17.6 ounces of pumpkin soup
  1. In a medium pot over medium heat, blend and cook the 2 ingredients until heated through and piping hot.
I used Trader Joe's seasonal pumpkin soup. If you can't get that near you, then use a 32 ounce carton of butternut squash soup that can be found at most grocery stores. The squash soup works beautifully as well and will serve a few more people.



While this 2 ingredient bisque is perfectly enjoyable and complete on it’s own, adding various garnishes will take you to other lands.  I will call this variation Germany since nutmeg, or muscat, is frequently used in potato dishes while its sibling mace is used to give weißwurst it’s delicate flavor. And browned butter always brings me back to Heidelberg cafes with their piping hot bowls of buttery Spätzle on a cold and damp fall day.


Now to France. Oh they were so stuck up as we tried our darndest to order a meal in our dilapidated French of an American traveler.  So why even bother visiting? Because their cuisine is worth the humiliation. Don’t let the thought of herby Boursin blended with coconut milk set you off. It works as it brings savor to the dish and softens the sweetness of the coconut.  Try some fresh chives and chopped almonds with rosemary. Do you like cripsy croutons? Add them along too. What’s quenelle you ask? A fancy way of making an oblong serving of Boursin instead of a scoop. I mean really, if you’re going to France in your kitchen, you may as well be fancy.


Now for an Asian inspired garnish and some added shrimp to make this bisque a meal.  Shrimp is marinated in fresh garlic and ginger along with some red pepper flakes and a pinch of sea salt, then pan sautéed, for a spicy addition to this soup.  Garnished with lime zest, cilantro, and chopped spicy cashews, this is a meal from a far away land.

Simplicity: The idea here is to start with a simple bisque, very simple, leave it as is, or add some garnishes, most from your pantry, to carry you around the world. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Keep it interesting.

Now go make this bisque and have fun with it. Let me know the garnishes you used to carry you far away.

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  1. Rindyr
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    I will be making this for sure!!! So happy Fall is here!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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