Oktoberfest lunch: pretzel wurst


Ok we have a winner! All BRK’s gang members liked this lunch. Hell froze over, pigs flew, and Easter was in May. They like pretzels, they like wurst, or in this case hot dogs, therefore this wasn’t too hard to figure out.  In the big lifestyle overhaul this summer, the children switched from private school to public school- two of them have never rode a bus and all three had to figure out how to open a locker. He he.  Little Lady no longer has access to a microwave, and the boys are tempted to buy school lunches (I’m sure pizza and corn would be their daily choices) instead of taking lunch from home. That leaves me with being creative. We will still do Mason Jar Meals, but will keep in mind that multiple jars will get heavy over the course of the day since they cannot always make it to their lockers.

Here is what to do…


Grab as many soft pretzel rolls as you will need. I got mine from Trader Joe’s, I have seen them at Harris Teeter too in the bakery section.


Using a long thin knife, and working from both ends, core out the center of the roll. I made my tunnel no larger than the size of the wurst so when the kids bit into it, the wurst didn’t go shooting out the other end. Also, save the bread crumbs for another use.


Now while you are working on your inner sculptor, grill your favorite bratwurst. Here I used Trader Joe’s uncured extra Huge Beef Hot Dogs, because they didn’t have bratwurst. While the grill was going I grilled some chicken too for our salads. See? Never waste good heat.  I’ll show you in another post what else I did with that chicken. Deal?


Now you have to put the wurst or hotdogs down through the center of your pretzel rolls without WD40. It works best if you let the wurst cool off.  Hold the roll in one hand and gently push the dog down in the roll.  If you must, use the knife and shave a little more innards out to get the wurst in there.  Patience.


Wrap the pretzel wursts in deli paper and slide each back in the original bags for packing.  Refrigerate until ready to eat, or store in a lunch box with an ice- we like our Packits.  To reheat, remove from plastic sleeve, leave in paper, and microwave for 30 seconds.  If you do not have a microwave, these taste nice at room temp, simply remove from fridge about one hour before lunch to get rid of the chill.  Dip in mustard if you like.

I have a few more cool lunches that I have been making that are definitely in the rotation as requested by my Team.

I’ll share them next week.

Are you Packing Eat?


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  2. Sharon
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    It’s the little things in life that make all the difference! Way to love on your kids! FYI, if you have one nearby, Costco sells pretzel buns which we have used for creative sandwiches. ~Sharon

    • Robin Sue
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      I think the nearest Costco is Richmond, I live in the country now:)

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