Yearly Archives: 2014

small space solutions: laundry and linens

pickerimage-26 Downsizing from a seventeen room large home with two car garage to a nine room small and cozy home with detached “garage” has brought on some great challenges, such as where to put everything for … read more

melon salad with toasted prosciutto

melon salad I think we have found our rhythm here at Manderley Cottage.  I hate the word routine which for me conjures visions of repetitive boredom. Rhythm is better because it can change depending on mood or weather.   … read more

Let there be chocolate


Let’s just say you bumped into me here in Williamsburg, Merchants Square to be exact, and asked me to point you in the direction of a good café, one with decadent chocolate desserts, quiet corners, … read more

Oktoberfest lunch: pretzel wurst


Ok we have a winner! All BRK’s gang members liked this lunch. Hell froze over, pigs flew, and Easter was in May. They like pretzels, they like wurst, or in this case hot dogs, therefore … read more

2 ingredient gluten-free brownies

photo-72 In a world gone mad there will be cake. That came to me while praying for the victims during the Boston Marathon Bombing. My babies were all in school and unknown to them the world … read more

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