Yearly Archives: 2014

taco salad with paleo catalina dressing

photo-27 I have this hair-brained idea that I am going to successfully get more dinner salads into Team BRK. In order to do this, the salad has to have healthy proteins and some “persuader” items like cheese, … read more

how to narrow life choices

photo-24 A few weeks ago, I took two of my children out for Asian food, and before my little girl could open her menu, I told her to put it down and answer a few questions. “Daelyn, … read more

Big Red Kitchen to Manderley 2014


There have been countless starts and stops in writing this post. I mean, how do I put down on paper that we just made the decision of a lifetime, one that even rivals the decision … read more

make one good tiny habit at a time

photo-19Habits. We all have them, some good some bad. From nail-biting to nose picking, and positive thinking to healthy eating (food that is, not boogies). There are so many tricks and treats to making good … read more

diary of a weakling: time to gain weight


Yeah you read that right. Time to make some gainzzz! Let me explain what’s going on here. At the turn of 2014 Himself asked me to write down my goals for the year.  One major … read more

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