Pork interview with funny man Donald Faison

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He’s living the dream, living the dream! Well heck, when you start an interview like that you know this guy has something to say. Today it was all about pork since funny man Donald Faison (you know him as Dr. Turk on Scrubs) is representing the National Pork Board telling us how delicious good ole pork can be.  Below is the entire interview but be sure to note…

1. Donald’s favorite pork side dish, it may surprise you.
2. He explains a Grillfie for all your social media photo ops. Don’t forget to add #grillpork so the folks at the NPB can see you are cooking up some good pork recipes.
3.  Check out some rubs, sauces, and other good pork recipes at porkbeinspired.com
4. Donald shares a big secret- the one role he dreams of playing on the big screen. Will it happen for him?
5. Donald reveals his most favorite BBQ sauce.  It is on my shopping list!
6. Can you guess his favorite grill tool?
7. He and I invent a new selfie tool to get rich quick!  Buy stock now.



Have you ever grill crashed?


Happy Grilling!

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