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2 ingredient gluten-free brownies

In a world gone mad there will be cake. That came to me while praying for the victims during the Boston Marathon Bombing. My babies were all in school and unknown to them the world … read more

Welcome to Manderley: Williamsburg Waldorf Salad

Welcome to Manderley Cottage Kitchen! We have made it to the “Other Side” of our journey, though I still find myself in the pinch-me-phase of living full time at Manderley. You see it was purchased, … read more

…one true sentence

“But sometimes when I started a new story and I could not get it going, I would sit in front of the fire and squeeze the peel of the little oranges into the edge of … read more


No capes, shields, hammers, side-kicks, or bat mobiles.  My heroes do have one super power though: Love. My last post left you off at pre estate sale, me a jumble of nerves, overwhelmed, and already … read more

surviving the dream and grilled bacon pickle spears

We are in the thick of things here with getting ready for the Estate Sale this Sunday. I am scared, nervous, and overwhelmed to have so many people traipsing through my house, and picking through … read more

wherein I define my treasures

My friend Elizabeth has followed our Life Planning journey for about 4 years now and has been an active participant in our decision to downsize, and an enormous cheerleader. She is also playing the curious … read more

not all sunshine and roses

Can I be downright raw here? Because right now I don’t feel like dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s. Who the heck has time for that? I mean look at that pantry! A few … read more

my new summer cocktail: the hugo

I do love a nice bubbly cocktail. I was chatting with my best friend Maggie last week, she lives in Berlin, about my love for Aperol Spritz when she told me there’s a new drink in … read more

snack time: baked potato bites

My Team is beyond hungry when I pick them up from school everyday.  A few times last week, I packed food to have for them the second they got in the car which diverted their … read more

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