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Packing Eat Week- tell the world

It’s Packing Eat Week here in BRK, which is very much like Shark Week, but with glass and food instead of teeth, blood, and shredded arms and legs. I created this week to reflect what … read more

one pan, three cuisines, six meals

You asked, I answered. A while back I asked if anyone was interested in learning how to do small batch cooking, or whatever the heck you want to call it, and I got a pretty … read more

“I have a gut feeling” A Brief on Probiotics

Thank you to Yakult USA for sponsoring this article. Learn why Yakult’s exclusive L. casei Shiorta probiotic strain can make all the difference for digestive health.

Maybe the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates, had it … read more

breakfast bowls: paleo and non

Most weekends I work on a little cooking project in order to have a few meals pre-made for the upcoming week. I see those Breakfast Bowl commercials all the time and tried my hand at  … read more

Manderley Cottage Kitchen’s German Pork Barbecue

Guess what time of year it is? Oktoberfest! Officially, Oktoberfest takes place at the end of September, but last year when I was in Berlin, it lasted all through October. Other cities are catching on … read more

Dreams and Wishes

The other day my long time friend and hairstylist- gosh, we have been together 11 years(!)- was telling me about her little girl asking her the difference between wishes and dreams. Jennifer very wisely answered … read more

Manderley Cottage Kitchen’s Apple Palmer

Wow was it hot last weekend at Manderley! After a perspiring bike ride through Cdub (Colonial Williamsburg), with its changing leaves and a funky autumn-time tilt to the sun which usually beckons for hot cider … read more

At Manderley Cottage…

Where she enchants us with her little lights in the windowpanes that  awaken each evening to bathe us in a soft glow while we play games or a hand of cards, read, and sometimes quietly … read more

1,2,3…GO! Quick and Creative Lunchbox Ideas with Mott’s®

Thank you to Mott’s® for sponsoring this article. Grab goodness on-the-go with Mott’s®.

As I peddled to the Farmer’s Market last week through Colonial Williamsburg, I could see that Summer was slowly giving herself over … read more

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