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New S’mores in town: Lemon Meringue and more- Oh my!

If there is nothing else you do this summer, then make these S’mores. To. Die. For. Period. My SIL Tonya, had a magazine clipping about making Lemon Meringue S’mores by using a schmear of Lemon … read more

How to entertain on bits of this and that: Italian Rice Cakes

Or how to pull a meal out of your hat. Or how to make something from nothing. So you get the idea here that I somehow pulled off a little breakfast for friends on literally … read more

How to Cook a Healthy Marriage: Culinary Proverbs to live by

On May 29th Himself and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary!  We enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal with our children, Champagne and all.  We fell in love in our 20s and built our love around … read more

Chicken and Rice One Pot Dinner

Like I said in my last post, BRK can get pretty warm in the summer, so yesterday I made my meal in one pot and served it along side a big fresh fruit salad … read more

How do you Hobo?

Ah come on, everyone loves the Hobo Supper, which is really the turf version of a clam bake or crab boil: everything in the same pan, pot, or fire. Now that it is hot, my … read more

Smoky 5 Layer Dip

We went to a big end of school year bash at my brother and SIL’s house the other night. The weather was perfect and the food excellent. The people were pretty great too! In Keeping … read more

Simple Cantaloupe Bites

Summer is here! And with that comes a bazillion parties. This means I need to be ready with some super duper simple dishes that I can prepare without much fuss but with a ton of … read more

Brew a Better Day: Wherein I turn my routine into a ritual

It certainly is a great day when I wake, swing my feet over the side of the bed to warm comfy slippers, and grab for my robe. No matter how tired I am or how … read more

National Car Rental: Eat Like a Pro- video

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life. Many hours of studying, many hours of training, many hours or learning, worrying, wondering, but here you are, a successful business person. So why not … read more

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