Butterball Turkey Talk-Line®  adds Texting


Yes! You can now text Butterball Turkey Talk-Line®. When roasting a turkey, I get a little nervous- will it be dry (everyone’s biggest pet peeve), will it be cooked through, and will it be done by dinnertime?  Other than calling our mothers, we have come memorize and count on 1-800-BUTTERBALL to get answers for how to cook our turkey, but there is a new number in town:  844-877-3456, text your turkey questions to this number. Sure you can still call, but we love texting nowadays- there’s even turkey emoji. Smile.   I had the opportunity to speak with Nicole Johnson, 13 year veteran of the Turkey Talk-Line® to share her experiences and tips on everything turkey.

If you have any questions about your Thanksgiving Turkey please text 844-877-3456  (11/17-11/24, 24 hours a day) for an immediate answer from an experienced Butterball professional.

Or call 1-800- BUTTERBALL

Butterball’s website includes recipes and techniques for everything from frying, roasting, grilling, and smoking your turkey. The site includes side dish recipes, how-to videos, and all the ways to connect with Butterball including all their social media sites for more inspiration.  They even have an app! This Thanksgiving you cannot go wrong with all the information at your fingertips from BUTTERBALL.

PS- Be sure to take a shot of Egg Nog for every time I say great. Le sigh.

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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Work true, play hard, pray long, sleep slow. Love deep.
And be always- Thankful.

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