simple: big sandwiches

She had a craggy voice. Well into her nineties, and after a few strokes great-grandma Klaus’ voice was hard on very young ears.  I remember her slouched in a wheelchair with a head full of … read more

generous: you can do it

It was the song “Pomp and Circumstance” at his high school graduation that brought me back to a sudden remembrance of a little baby crawling towards his momma. A flood of emotion, and a pop … read more

Pork interview with funny man Donald Faison

He’s living the dream, living the dream! Well heck, when you start an interview like that you know this guy has something to say. Today it was all about pork since funny man Donald Faisonread more

active: tastings around town, Williamsburg VA

Summertime is so much fun here in Williamsburg. The longer I live here the more I realize just how Williamsburg truly is the culinary capital of Virginia.  Running through June 28th is Busch Gardens Food read more

Interview with Graham Elliot: 5 highlights

Now this guy is fun! Chatted with Chef Graham Elliot about all kinds of things, such as his new cookbook coming out, his 150 pound weight loss (WOW!), food,  and what matters to him.  While … read more

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