Shrimp is so fast, so easy, and so good

Don’t over think Shrimp, it’s good all on it’s own dipped in a little butter, but I’ll show you how to make delicious shrimp with minimal ingredients for a quick stress-free busy week night meal.  … read more

Wherein we perk up roasted veg: Cilantro Lime & Garlic Yams

Other than grilled, I love my veg roasted. I find roasting is a very hands off way off cooking. Prep the veggies, toss with oil, and throw them in the oven. Done. But just you … read more

Avocado overdue? Make chocomole

We’ll see if this one flies with Team BRK. I’m not a big hide-odd-veggies-or-fruits-in-food kind of person but I had an avocado ready to go out on me and remembered Whole Food’s recipe, Chocomole. Basically … read more

In a hurry Scotch Eggs, more like Splotch Eggs

Lately I have been doing lots of in-a-hurry cooking. Peeling here. Mashing there. Slicing here. Chopping there. I do my best to catch and use small bits of time to get things done so that … read more

Bacon and Egg Caesar Salad with Garlic Toast Soldiers

Dippy Eggs. That’s what we call eggs that have runny yolks. I prefer loosey-goosey yolks anyway, especially if there’s a few toast soldiers around for dipping. Here’s a nice marriage of the Classic Caesar Salad … read more

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