Every busy carnivore should do this…

Are you a carnivore? Are you busy? OK, good, then this post is for you. How would you like to have a jar or two of thinly sliced beef ready to go when you are … read more

Front Seat Conversations with My Son

Last summer my son started talking to me. My first born, the one I make all the mistakes with because his birth order has put him in charge of all the firsts. The first to … read more

Cooking Paleo and Non-Paleo in One Meal

Here is an example of how my nights looks here in BRK when cooking Paleo for Himself and me, and Non-Paleo for the rest of the team. It can be a pain at times, and … read more

Super Fast: Seared Sea Scallops over Julienned Zucchini

Sea Scallops are a great go-to on a busy week night when all you really want to do is sit down and stare at a wall, or punch someone in the throat. This meal comes … read more

Taking a Mulligan on Kitchen Organization

I like second chances, and back in the day before babies, when the hubs and I played golf together I took many mulligans- a second chance to get the shot right. I wish life had more … read more

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