Touched by Generosity “Spice Up the Holidays” Week 4- The Winners!

This is the Life! The results of the Captain Morgan “Spice Up the Holidays” Challenge are in, but the rules got changed up a bit to the benefit of each bloggers’ Charity. You see originally, … read more

HumanaVitality Recipe Refresh Challenge: Part 2 The Competition, Winning Recipes, and GIVEAWAY

HumanaVitality Recipe Refresh Challenge: Part 1 “No Small Thing”

Chicago, my kind of razzmatazz! Let’s start this tale from the very beginning by letting you know that this trip almost did not happen for me. … read more

“No Small Thing”- HumanaVitality Recipe Refresh Challenge: Part 1

Six food bloggers from around the country travel to Chicago to trash The Chopping Block, and finish the cooking competition with a burpee. At least that is what  the headlines should have read. Wink.  … read more

“Spice Up the Holidays” Week 3: Pumpkin Roll Tiramisu and Party!

Such an enchanted evening! What more can a gal ask for than to be surrounded by her family and closest friends? Oh and a touch of rum too. I was so chuffed to be able … read more

“Spice Up the Holidays” Week 2: Part 2 Rumaki with Captain Morgan’s Black Rum

Now you don’t think I would hand you a cocktail without feeding you, huh? In this Captain Morgan’s “Spice Up the Holidays” Challenge, 9 bloggers and I are to create 3 recipes- appetizer, cocktail, and … read more

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