Mason Jar Meals: Fair Food Edition- White Castle-like Sliders

It was a given that I would eventually get these sliders in some Mason Jars for the kids’ school lunches. With over 330,000 views this recipes is not only a favorite online, it is greatly … read more

Mason Jar Meals: Fair Food Edition- Corn Dogs

Lately I have been taking my children’s favorite lunches and converting them to Mason Jar Meals. This means that original recipes are being baked up or packed in jars for their lunches. With a little … read more

A Tart Above All Other Tarts: Tartefillete

French Comfort Food. A tart graced with bacon, potatoes, and cheese- Camembert cheese that is, baked atop this tart, cream side down, rind side up creating a crisp topping, with the creamy cheese oozing down … read more

The Next British Invasion! SORTED!

Day 24- The Art of Wearing Your Fat Dreams

Barry, Mike, Ben, and Jamie

Have you seen these guys yet? I think I just upped my cool meter by meeting and chatting with Ben Ebbrell … read more

Samosa Bites

Little by little I will teach myself how to cook other cuisines. I have been craving Indian food, so I thought to start there. Where to begin? I have been following Kathy Gori of The read more

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