Best View of Chicago?

The biggest question here in Chicago, more so than will the Cubs ever break the curse and win a World’s Series again, is “where is the best city view?” I found it, quite by mistake … read more

More Mason Jar Meal Ideas Part II

Now for that bottom shelf. Who doesn’t like a little pudding after a meal? Especially after a nice and easy (super easy!) creamy chicken curry? Here we go, jars 5 and 6 revealed…

5. Homemade … read more

More Mason Jar Meal Ideas Part I

Trying to keep up with my children’s growing appetites is like trying to run up the down escalator. I may get two steps ahead and fall back three! They are hungry all the time, and … read more

Message on the Bottle

Day 10- The Art of Wearing Your Fat Dreams

Last Saturday Himself and I had the opportunity to help the owners of Catoctin Creek bottle their new batch of Roundstone Rye Whisky. About 20 of … read more

Monkey Milk in Mason Jars

Day 9- The Art of Wearing Your Fat Dreams

Dark chocolate milk up top and banana milk on the bottom. These rich homemade frozen milks placed in my children’s lunch boxes are perfectly defrosted by … read more

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