Advent Day 5: Long Lasting Hot Buttered Rum

It shocks me that I have yet to post on this recipe. While living in Germany it was tradition for the military folks to travel all over Europe to visit the various Christmas Bazaars. Spangdahlem … read more

Advent Day 4: Eggnog Gingerale

Gingernog. Eggale. Alenog. Nogale. I had no idea what to call this beverage, so I called it what it is- Eggnog Gingerale. Any better ideas? I do like eggnog but find it quite rich, even … read more

Advent Day 3: Crockpot Grinders

This is the perfect meal to fix then go Christmas shopping, errand running, or galavanting- it will be ready when you are!

Growing up in New Jersey we called Subs Hoagies. After moving from Boston … read more

Advent Day 2: Ting-A-Lings

It’s a cookie, no it’s candy. I don’t know how you would categorize this treat other than saying it is a no-bake thingy. Now if you are short on time and need to “bake” some … read more

Advent Day 1: Christmas Coal

Have you ever told your children or honey that they were getting coal in their stocking because they had been naughty all year? Oh, I have. This year, for sure, they will be getting coal. … read more

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