Appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, nibblins, pickins, or finger food, this course of a meal is my favorite. I can do some major damage to the appetizer table. It must be the small portions that make me feel as though I am being so good, but when one eats 20 pounds of the tiny things, that can’t be good. Right?

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Carne en Palito or Ecuadorian Beef on a Skewer
Three Day Chicken
Chicken Satay
Watercress and Egg Salad Sandwiches a link is included in this post to take you to the recipe.
Ham and Cream Cheese Pickles a link is included in this post to take you to the recipe.
Macho Nacho Dip
Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip
Cheese Fondue no recipe, just items listed that I serve with Cheese Fondue.
Mini Ham and Cheese Rolls
Hidden Treasure Mussels
Brie and Fig Appetizer
My Big Fat Italian Sandwich
Jalapeno and Beer Queso
Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Knuckles This will take you to the link for the recipe.
Cowboy Caviar This will take you to the link for the recipe.
Jalapeno Popper Dip
Teriyaki Turkey Sliders
Bratwurst Sliders
Curried Cheese Ball
Tiny Brie Bites
Cranberry Salsa Black Bean Dip
Crab Casino Canapes
Mini Hand Pies– cheesy crust with jam filling.
Fried Squeeky Cheese
Katie’s Pizza Bites– This post will take you to the link.
Deviled Eggs
Cheese Tortellini with Lemon Basil Dip– This post with link you to the recipe.
Crab Rangoon
Using Wonton Wrappers for Appetizers
Nacho Cheese
Pepperoni Pizza, S’mores, and Rainforest, Chocolate Malt, and Sweet Chili Popcorn
Fire and Ice Shrimp
Pepperoni Dip
Hocus Pocus Dip
Platanos Fritos
White Castle-Like Sliders
Mini Baked Brie Cups
30 Second Cheese Ball
Grape Jelly Meatballs
Andouille and Sweet Potato Kebabs
Chorizo Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon
Bloody Mary Bites
Quick and Easy Petite Pies– One Creamed Spinach, the other Apple Pie
Drumsticks Stuffed with Italian Sausage and wrapped in Cressent Dough
Hurry Up Pepper Jelly
Crab Rangoon
Bacon Bites
Garlic Ranch Pretzels
Book Club Baked Brie with Pancetta, Mushrooms, and Pine Nuts
Lemon Ricotta Lasagna Caprese
Cashew Pate
Appetizers for a Girl’s Night Out– Includes 7 super easy recipes!
Pizza Meatballs on a Stick
Buffalo Wing Meatballs on a Stick

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  1. Brenda norton
    Posted January 28, 2015 at 4:20 PM | Permalink

    Found you site today. Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to get started with some of your recipes.

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