We All have junk in the trunk! Here is my blogs mish mash of posts, some serious, some very fun. Fun with food is a great time for all, everyone wants to know how to make blood, right? So take a look around. It’s like going through Gramma’s attic. Just don’t look down your shirt and spell a-t-t-i-c. That one cracks my kids up. Kids.

Visit the Kitchen:
Visit the Big Red Kitchen

A Constant Source Of Entertainment:
ICU Bloopers
Funny Faces
My ICU Days
Children and Spilled Milk
More ICU Days
Child Theology
Children On Elderly
Children on Death
ICU and Pranks
The Story of How I Became a Nurse

Blogging with a Purpose
Brillante Weblog and Kreativ Blogger Awards
Babble’s 100 Top Mom Food Bloggers
Book Review for The Reluctant Entertainer

Bake Sale
Old-Fashioned Bake Sale
Cupcake Bake Sale
How to Run a Successful Bake Sale
Pumpkin Cake Rolls
Red Velvet Yule Logs
Bake Sale Doggie Treats, Acorn Cupcakes, Candy Corn Cookies and More!

Big Red Kitchen Cooking Salon
10 Things I am Learning About Building a Business
45 More Days!
I have Tables and Chairs for the Market
Big Red Kitchen Goes to Market

Displaying Photos
A Snowy Christmas Centerpiece

Fun with Food
Making Candy Blood
2 Cheap Chicks & $20
How to Roast Your Own Sunflower Seeds
Gourmet Caramel Apple Kit
C.O.R.N.- How I Handle Lefovers
Fancy Nancy Children’s Party
Snow Cream
Valentine’s Day Candy Leis
Candy Cake
How To Make Hot Chocolate Pods
Gift Boards
Sugar Cookie Baking Kits
Fire Pit Supper
Doggie Treats for Your Favorite Doggie

Cocoa Mulch
Vernal Equinox
Victory Garden
Sharing a Garden Project

Health and Beauty
Health Article Part I
Health Article Part II
Sugar Scrub

Potluck Pet Peeves
Adventures in Waitressing
Worst Valentine’s Days Ever

Kitchen (not so) Organization
Cleaning out the Refrigerator
Steam Cleaned Tile Floors
Big Messes
BRK’s Trouble Spots
My Pantry Before
My Pantry After

Lunch Packing and Picnic Tips:
Tips for Packing Better Lunches
Car Picnics: How to Eat on the Go- The Plea
Car Picnics: How to Eat On The Go- The Good– Packing equipment and how to pack quide.
Car Picnics: How To Eat On The Go- The Bad, The Chicken and the Egg
Car Picnics: How To Eat On The Go- The Bad, Noodles and Dough
Car Picnics: How TO Eat On The Go- The Ugly, Ballpark Food
Car Picnics: How To Eat On The Go- The UH OH’s, My Turn to Bring The Group Snack
Car Picnics: How to Eat On The Go- The Unbelievable: Best Crock Pot Meals

Ma, Robin Sue’s Mom:
Cooking with Ma
Ma’s Bracciol
Ma’s Ravioli With Ham and Peas
Ma Cooks Mammy’s Chicken Fried Steak
Ma’s Parsley Potatoes

Making My Own Mixes
Hot Cocoa Mix
Gift Mixes: Hot Cocoa and Cherry Simmer
Homemade Herbed Rice Mix
Long-Lasting Hot Buttered Rum

Two Cheap Chicks & $20:
Two Cheap Chicks & $20: Operation Wegmans
Two Cheap Chicks & $20: Operation Trader Joe’s


Menu Planning
Summer-time Menu Planning


  1. Cindy Booth
    Posted February 17, 2013 at 8:42 PM | Permalink

    black bean burger…. I thought you had a recepie for it.
    I’m vegetarian and looking for something like a burger.

  2. barbara purvis
    Posted August 15, 2013 at 9:47 AM | Permalink

    do you have any dried bean recipes. we live out in the country, on social security, and towards the end of the month, beans stretch till payday. Pinto beans, northern beans, lima beans. I am going to try your crusty bread recipe, it looks delish. thanks, Barbara

    • Robin Sue
      Posted August 20, 2013 at 12:08 PM | Permalink

      I dont have any bean recipes on my site. I guess I should fix that;) But you are right, beans are a great way to stretch a meal.

  3. Melanie
    Posted September 20, 2013 at 6:53 PM | Permalink

    Someone posted one of your recipes on facebook. I’m trying to do the right thing and go through your website, but I cant find it. You put burgers, red potatoes and asparagus in
    a tin pie plate?


  4. Laura
    Posted May 8, 2014 at 10:53 AM | Permalink

    Hello, I found your website on Pinterest and I clicked on the pie pan dinner but it did not open the website correctly My family is going camping this weekend (tomorrow 5/9/14) and I am looking for some easy, neat and different campfire recipes. Can you send me the pie pan recipe and any other ones you have found yummy?


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