On this page I will do my best to share my Paleo/Primal recipes. I tag them as such so that the great google can find them for you, but really the rules, rules, rules and elitist attitudes involved in following this lifestyle drives me nuts, which is fine because nuts are Paleo. Smile.   Here is a short description of the paleo/primal plan according to my understanding…

Lean meats, fish, and eggs, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, healthy oils like – olive, coconut, and avocado.

1. No dairy- In the dairy department I enjoy good cheese which some primals will consider if grass-fed, organic, raw, and minimally processed.  Processed cheese is not real.  I have added organic full fat plain yogurt a few days a week for the probiotic value and have tolerated it well.  I enjoy good quality, premium, organic ice cream- I make my own.

2. No tubers- sweet potatoes OK in some paleo circles. I do cook organic potatoes for my family, it is a whole food, and truthfully spreads my food budget. We are aware that it is a big starch, but still has nutritional value.  

3. No grains- Because my kids are not fully paleo, I do serve them organic white rice and when baking use organic un-bleached flour.

4. No sugar in any form- I do use a little honey, maple syrup, and dates. Again with the kids, I use organic Un-refined sugar and have cut it down in many of our recipes.

5. No Legumes- but green beans, sugar snaps, and snow OK, but we don’t have them often. No peanuts for me, but I have 2 kids who like their homemade peanut butter. And the other is allergic to all nuts and peanuts. Paleo is tricky in our house. Sigh. 

I enjoy marksdailyapple and his gracious approach to eating primal foods. 

My idea– Eat as much whole-foods as possible, shop the perimeter of the store dodging down the isles for things like olive oil, coconut oil, chocolate, and sardines.  I do not believe in “Moderation in moderation.”  Own up to the bad choices and make your next meal the first step in eating whole foods again.  I believe “You can’t work off bad nutrition at the gym.”  A calorie is a calorie, be sure to choose nutrient dense calories to make each calorie the best your body ever had.  I don’t believe in “cheating”, it is a conscious choice to swap a bad food for a good food. I make no excuses, justifications, or silly rationalizations. I own it and move on making the next meal a royal whole-food feast for my body’s cells.  My hubby and I try our best to eat whole foods, our children enjoy grains and sugar.  For them I constantly teach the benefits of healthy eating, and cook for them as much organic foods as I can afford, I create desserts that are lower in sugar than most, and I push them to eat whole foods at every opportunity.  This is a process for us that improves year by year and what a great adventure it has been!

The recipes will clearly state when they include an ingredient that is not Paleo, it is up to you to leave it out.

My Paleo Recipe Videos
The fastest way to “rice” cauliflower
Stir-Fried Cauliflower “Rice”

Paleo Breakfast Bowls

Super Fast Paleo Ketchup

Small Plates/Appetizers
“Small Plates” – Roasted Grapes, red pearl onions, eggs, and shrimp. A beautiful small meal for when you are out and about.
Mini Paleo Pizzas
Grilled Chicken Caprese – Primal, contain fresh mozzarella
Simple 3 Ingredient Cantaloupe Bites– cantaloupe, mint, and prosciutto

GAP- “Grab a PINT”
PINT size Mason jars layered with healthy foods for on-the-go snacking
Egg Salad Boats
Smoked Salmon Roll-ups
Spicy Shrimp Rolls
Mediterranean Style Salmon Salad Cups – If strict paleo, leave out the Feta cheese

Butternut Thai Shrimp Bisque
Chicken Noodleless Soup– make this soup without the noodles and pasta then follow the Options outlined in the Tips Section. This soup is delicious with spaghetti squash.

Sautéed Dandelion Greens with Bacon
Asian Style Kale Salad
Tomato Ricotta Salad for One: This is primal as it includes organic pastured whole milk ricotta. If I could get it raw, even better.
Melon Salad with Toasted Prosciutto
One-Pot German Potato Salad

Main Dish
Moroccan Chicken Stew over Cauli Couscous Pilaf
Greekza Pizza
The New Beef on a Weck– Sliced beef over a “weck” of cauliflower
Chicken Piccata
Kebab Koobideh– Paleo friendly when served with Cilantro Lime Rice (recipe under “Sides”)
In a Hurry Scotch Eggs
Seared Sea Scallops with Julienned Zucchini
London Broil– Seared London Broil plus a few ideas on how to use it. Pear wrapped in London Broil or Red Cabbage Salad with Pistachios topped with London Broil
Bacon and Egg Caesar Salad– make without the Toast Soldiers to keep it paleo
Cooking Paleo and Non-Paleo in one Meal to please everyone!

How to Roast Beets
Roasted Onion “Pasta” Noodles
Cilantro Lime Cauliflower “Rice”
Cilantro Lime & Garlic Yams

Forgotten Cookies
Coconut Crème Anglaise Dessert
Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse
One Ingredient Watermelon Cake– cute idea!
Dark Chocolate Mojito Cups
Coconut Cream Dipped Strawberries with Toasted Coconut
Chocomole– This does contain Maple Syrup which is sugar, so it is a dessert!

Bulletproof Coffees– Butterful Coffee (primal), Coconut Butterful Coffee (paleo and vegan), and Browned Butterful Coffee (primal)
Sparkling Cucumber Mint Coolers
Gluten-free beer tasting– Bard’s v. Estrella Damm Duara

Wok Wednesdays with Paleo Substitutions
Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken– notes on oil, fish sauce, and kuzu
Chinese Trinidadian Stir-fried shrimp with Rum– notes on Rum, soy sauce, and ketchup
Let’s Chat Soy Sauce, Shall We?



  1. Gail
    Posted August 14, 2014 at 1:09 AM | Permalink

    Do you have a bread recipe?

    • Robin Sue
      Posted August 26, 2014 at 11:34 PM | Permalink

      Not a paleo bread recipe. Sorry!

  2. Posted November 8, 2015 at 11:55 PM | Permalink

    Oh so glad to hear you’ve gone paleo. I read your blog before I went paleo and I cut out a lot of blogs after going paleo. Thanks for these!

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