You would think there would be more recipes in here for seafood for a gal who grew up on the Jersey shore. Well we do eat seafood quite a bit but I rarely use recipes. Simply marinate and grill. Or boil and peel. Or fry and eat. I’ll have to add more here as we are all trying to increase our Omega-3’s. Oh the Favorite Fish Patties are truly our favorite. Crispy, tasty, great.

Favorite Fish Patties
Lemon Barbecued Kababs– this post will link you to the recipe.
Hidden Treasure Mussels
Salmon Toasts
Salmon Baste for a Salmon Bake
Frogmore Stew
Greek Style Salmon
Fire and Ice Shrimp
Copper River Salmon
Crab Rangoon
Citrus Alaska Cod with Tahini Drizzle
Provencal Alaska Salmon Saute

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