Ihave to have my snacks. How can anyone make it through the day without them. Does sweetened condensed milk now sold in the bottle count? Whirley Pop Popcorn has got to be our favorite snack of Big Red Kitchen. We eat it after school, during videos, and take it along when we are out and about. Yeah, you will have to buy your own Whirley Pop for this perfect popcorn.

Leftover Ice Cream Cake
Push Pops
Frozen Red Grapes and Dusty Grapes
Mini Ham and Cheese Rolls
Whirley Pop Popcorn
Cheese Pretzels
Peanut Butter Sticks
Captain Jack’s Shark Attack Popcorn
Snack Cake Mix
How to Roast Your Own Sunflower Seeds
Harvest Cups
Candied Mixed Nuts– A link will take you to the recipe.
Fried Squeeky Cheese
Katie’s Pizza Bites– This post will take you to the link.
Roasted Chickpeas
Salt and Vinegah Kale Chips
The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg
Nacho Cheese
Pepperoni Pizza, S’mores, Rainforest, Chocolate Malt and Sweet Chili Popcorn
Peanut-Butter-Cream Saltines
Soft Pretzel Samoas
English Muffin Pizzas
French Toast Sticks
Ploughman’s Lunch
Homemade Poptarts
Breakfast Cones
Fried Hard Boiled Eggs– Baid Mutajjan
Lasagna Purses
Papaya and Lime
Quick and Easy Petite Pies– One Creamed Spinach, the other Apple Pie
Bacon Bites
Garlic Ranch Pretzels
Frozen Mini Grape Kebabs

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  1. Patricia Wagener
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 11:03 AM | Permalink

    Your recipes look delicious!

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