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The Secret to Tender Meatballs: Panade

We kinda have a little competition here in my family on who makes the best meatballs. My brother. But Ma says me, I think to hack off my brother- all in good fun, right?  Rob’s meatballs … read more

simple: big sandwiches

IMG_1897 She had a craggy voice. Well into her nineties, and after a few strokes great-grandma Klaus’ voice was hard on very young ears.  I remember her slouched in a wheelchair with a head full of … read more

budget healthy: ground beef fajita bowls

photo-49 I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the money crunch at the grocery store. We eat a good share of ground beef around here since it can be flavored and used hundreds of ways, … read more

taco salad with paleo catalina dressing

photo-27 I have this hair-brained idea that I am going to successfully get more dinner salads into Team BRK. In order to do this, the salad has to have healthy proteins and some “persuader” items like cheese, … read more

Every busy carnivore should do this…

DSC02545 Are you a carnivore? Are you busy? OK, good, then this post is for you. How would you like to have a jar or two of thinly sliced beef ready to go when you are … read more

Kebab Koobideh

DSC02096-001We are just at the beginning of barbecue season, and in fact had out first Cook Out Sunday night. Only burgers, but man it was awesome to be out there without having to wear fifty … read more

Meat Night: a tale of two sliders

DSC01927 What on earth is Meat Night?” I asked my kids when they listed it as one of their preferred dinner menu themes. “Cheesesteaks! Burgers! Chicken, but good chicken! Steak!” they each shouted talking over … read more

one hour, three salads, six meals: 3, 2, 1, Go!

Cooking Tutorial: Greek, Niçoise, and Cobb Salad

DSC01700-001 Last week I posted a reminder to myself about “Simplicity” and how I need to share more about my journey in seeking it.  Did you know … read more

Roasted Onion “Pasta” Noodles

 Gently nestle a large soup spoon along side your mound of pasta, nudge a small amount on the spoon, slowly spin, spin, spin the pasta onto your fork making certain you have an even gravy … read more

The New Beef on a Weck

I bet you didn’t know Buffalo was known for something other than Buffalo Wings? Well they’ve got the “Beef on a Weck” too, which is wonderfully juicy beef on a Kümmelweck or weck (veck) for short. … read more

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