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snack time: baked potato bites


My Team is beyond hungry when I pick them up from school everyday.  A few times last week, I packed food to have for them the second they got in the car which diverted their … read more

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

IMG_3212It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here is my Thanksgiving Roundup to wet your whistle.  We make traditional dishes here in BRK year after year because there is great comfort in traditions.  And … read more

Entertaining: On designing an Hors d’oeuvre Plank

I have written before about my Planks and the various entertaining venues I have used them.  The more I use them the more I challenge my creativity in designing a beautiful offering of foods on my … read more

Grilled Chicken Caprese Appetizer: Primal

Last Friday night we had our end of summer Grill Out and Chill Out at the gym, probably the last before the weather turns chilly, and everyone falls into the throws of Autumn activities. The … read more

“I’m Gonna Miss Her” Catfish Sliders


Number 2 goes out today for my Daddy. He loves to fish. He loves Ma. She wonders who he loves more. Ma and Daddy are retired and live on a big beautiful … read more

“Chicken Fried” Chicken Chips


If you are anything like me, you would agree that the best part of fried chicken is the FRIED. Kind of like the best part of a rotisserie chicken is the Chicken … read more

“Bait a Hook” Redneck Sushi


“Iheard you had to drive him home after two umbrella drinks, I heard he’s got a Prius, ’cause he’s into bein’ greenMy buddies said he saw ya’ll, eatin’ that sushi stuffBaby that read more

Pie Pan Nachos

She Said…

One dish two versions. That’s what we got going on today. Nachos! Rob of Countryside Food Rides and I got together and figured we could do this He Said, She Said type post … read more

Super Bowl Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

Like a broken record, I will say over and over again that the Super Bowl is only good for two things- the food and the commercials. This year is a bit different because one of … read more

Crab Pizza

New Year’s Eve Perhaps…

My little son gave me Angry Birds (full version) on my iphone for Christmas and just let me say, nothing is getting done. That game is addictive. My family asked me … read more

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