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simple: mason jar meal kit giveaway

pickerimage-49 It’s one of two things: time or money. I teach people that you can either cook all your own meals and save money, or purchase all your meals and save time. Little do they know … read more

a tiny forest giveaway: 2 gorgeous mason jar meal bags

securedownload Welcome to 2014. Time to get used to writing that. My New Year’s celebrations with family were both relaxing and delicious! We enjoyed some very lucky pork and sauerkraut as well as black eyed peas … read more

My Berlin Kitchen: Cookbook and Memoir Giveaway

photo-3 Oh how I hate that the end of summer is upon us. I mourn summer every year as I enter her ending. But the thrill is that Autumn is close at hand with big pots … read more

Thanksgiving Leftovers Mason Jar Meal Kits: Giveaway

In my opinion, wrapping and storing Thanksgiving leftovers can be a challenge with all those various sized dishes, a giant turkey and ham, and limited refrigerator space. Then you get it all put away to … read more

Unbroken Poppy Seed Dressing with Blendtec’s Twister Jar

See that dressing down there on the right? That is how my Pink Lady Poppy Seed Dressing usually looks. It’s delicious, but I have always wanted it creamy which can be a tricky deal with … read more

Blendtec Blender Giveaway

It’s RED (at least mine is!), it’s powerful, it’s versatile- from soups, to dips, to dressings this blender does a great job. Then top it all off with Blendtec’s new Twister Jar, even more fun … read more

Giveaway: 2 Big Red Kitchen Mason Jar Starter Kits including Big Red Kitchen’s new Cookbook “Glass is in Session- Back to School Mason Jar Meals”

This has to be about the coolest Giveaway I have ever hosted here on BRK! Why? Because it’s unique. I have teamed up with Fillmore Container to create the Big Red Kitchen Mason Jar Meal … read more

Hot Cocoa Dusty Road Sundaes and Giveaway

Have you ever had a Dusty Road Sundae? I used to love these when I was a little girl and Ma had Malted Milk in the pantry. If there was no Malted Milk Powder, I … read more

A Valentine’s Giveaway of a Different Kind

Are you ready for this one? We are going to do something a little different for Valentine’s Day today. Oh sure, I made a nice little goodie, but it’s not here. My creation in typical … read more

Shrimp Louis and Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway

Ah the glamour of it all! Christmas Parties galore, then on to the New Year’s Eve all night, champagne clinking celebrations. One year on Christmas Eve, our family tried to do The Feast of the … read more

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